Gary Jansen and Nicole Milos prevail in a motion to dismiss a legal malpractice action

Mr. Jansen and Ms. Milos represented attorneys who were sued for legal malpractice following the attorneys' representation of clients in a corporate dispute surrounding a stock purchase transaction. After the corporate dispute resolved, Mr. Jansen and Ms. Milos relied upon the release executed regarding the corporate dispute as a basis to file a motion to dismiss the legal malpractice suit. Mr. Jansen and Ms. Milos argued that the plaintiff's release of the stock purchaser and his "attorneys" also released the plaintiff's cause of action against the defendant law firm. The Illinois court granted the motion and held that the plaintiff contemplated the legal malpractice case at the time he executed the release agreement in the corporate dispute suit. In addition, the court concluded that the release of the stock purchaser's "attorneys," included the defendant law firm.