Nicole Milos obtains a Defense Verdict for a Property Management Company in fire case

Nicole Milos represented a property management company that was sued by a married couple who rented an apartment on the third floor of a large courtyard-style building in Chicago. An unknown assailant set fire to the property while the tenants slept. The Chicago Fire Department had to rescue Plaintiffs from their burning apartment. While exiting her apartment from the front window and onto the fire department ladder, one Plaintiff fell three stories. She sustained a four-part fracture of the numerous described by her treating physician as a traumatic rotator cuff injury and two non-displaced pelvic fractures. Both Plaintiffs alleged psychological injuries and offered medical testimony that after the fire they were diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety. Only one Plaintiff was working at the time of the fire and she never returned to work. She claimed lost wages in excess of $800,000.00. Plaintiffs alleged that the property manager failed to install and maintain smoke detectors in the common areas of the building and that the property manager secured the entrances and exits of the building in such a fashion that Plaintiffs were unable to escape the fire. Plaintiffs further alleged that the security measures taken by the property manager delayed the Chicago Fire Department from effectuating the timely rescue of Plaintiffs from their third floor apartment. Defendant argued that the sole proximate cause of Plaintiffs’ injuries was the arsonist fire. Plaintiffs asked the jury for a verdict in excess of $3,400,000.00. The jury returned a verdict in favor of Defendant after 3.5 hours of deliberation. Bennie Johnson and Shirley Johnson v. Globe Realty, Inc. 2007 L 4462 (Cook County).