Stacy Fulco Wins Binding Arbitration Hearing


Stacy Fulco received a defense verdict at a binding arbitration hearing. The plaintiff alleged that a floor mat was improperly placed in a public walk-way and that it caused her to stumble and become injured. Summary judgment was denied by the court in Will County so the parties agreed to binding arbitration rather than proceed to trial. The plaintiff sought $160,000 in damages at the hearing. The defense submitted a pre-hearing motion to strike an arbitration submission by the plaintiff as the plaintiff submitted an affidavit from a treating physician in her submission, even though the doctor had already given sworn deposition testimony. The arbitrator granted the motion and struck the affidavit because it contradicted the doctor’s deposition testimony. Even so, the arbitrator’s finding for the defense was based on there being no liability as the arbitrator found that the mat was not improperly placed and that it did not create a dangerous condition.