Stacy Fulco Secures Favorable Appellate Court Ruling

Stacy D. Fulco

Stacy Fulco secured a favorable appellate court ruling in the First District in a case involving the safe ingress and egress into an office building. The plaintiff claimed she tripped and fell on a hidden stump in a landscaped area of a parking lot where she worked.  The plaintiff walked through the landscaped area rather than take the clear and unobstructed sidewalk and she claimed her path was sufficiently used by others so that it created an accepted means of ingress and egress.  Summary judgment for the property owner and manager was obtained by Brian P. Shaughnessy and Stacy Fulco handled the matter on appeal.  The appellate court agreed the plaintiff intentionally walked through the landscaped area rather than using the designated path and the court also agreed the defendants did not have notice of the alleged stump.

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